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LODZ Jews - Biographical Dictionary

Jankiel Adler (1895-1949) - painter and grahic artist. Born in Tuszyn by Lodz, emigrated 1920 to Berlin then to England. Jewish folklore was the main subject of his art. Among his famous works are "Purim Players", "Jew with a Horse" and "Ecstasy".

Rabbi Markus Brande (1869-1949) - He organizied a network of Jewish schools, including the first Jewish high school in Russian Poland (the Rabinowicz School). He was elected to the Senate of the Republic of Poland. During the war he lived in Palestine.

Icchak (Vincent) Brauner (1887-1944) - painter. Took the name Vincent as an expression of his admiration for van Gogh. He designed the scenery for the play "The Dybuk" in the Jewish Theater of Lodz.

Mosze Broderson (1890-1959) - poet and graphic artist. In 1905 he founded the "Jung Idysz" group. The organizer of innovative theater productions and publisher. Broderson spent the war years in the USSR.

Emanuel Hamburski (1871-1931) - businessman and printer, born into one of the oldest Jewish families in the city. He was founder and editor of the "Lodzier Togblat", later he published "Najes Lodzier Morgenblat" and "Lodzier Folksblat".

Samuel Hirszenberg (1865-1908) - painter. Lived also in Cracow and then in Jerusalem. Considered one of the two (among Maurycy Gotlieb) greatest Jewish painters of turn-of-the-century Poland.

Saul G. Hochberg (1870-?) - publiher and journalist.

Icchak Kacenelson (1886-1944) - song writer and poet. Died in Auschwitz.

Lejzor Kahan (1885-?) - one of the best-known Jewish journalists and publisher of many newspapers in Lodz and Warsaw.

Jerzy Kosinski (1933-1991) - famous writer. Emigrated to the United States 1955. His best-known novels are "Painted Bird" and "Being There". Became one of the best-known American writers of our time. Chairman of the American Pen-Club.

Gustaw Landau-Gutenteger (1870-1917) - architect of Lodz. He designed many banks, synagogues and representative residences and buildings such as Grand Hotel.

Dawid Lande (1868-1928) - architect. Together with Landau-Gutenteger he designed many important buildings (State Bank) and eclectic residences of Lodz.

Eliasz Majzel (1821-1912) - rabbi. At the age of 19, he became the rabbi of his home town Grodko near Vilnius. His next rabbinical position was in Lomza. 1873 he became the Chief Rabbi of Lodz and retained this position for almost 40 years. During these years he distinguished himself as a participant in and initiator of many social and philanthropic projects.

Izrael K. Poznanski (1833-1900) - businessman. As a young manager and founder of the "I.K.Poznanski" business company, he already employed several dozen people and produced 110 thousand square meters of cotton, wool, and linen fabrics per year. In addition to production, Poznanski was involved in large-scale trade. His empire became the second largest in Lodz after 1885. Besides, he donated land for a synagogue and a new cemetery (where he was later burried in the family mausoleum). He supported Jewish artists and Jewish libraries in Lodz.

Szaja Rozenblatt (1840-1922) - businessman. Was one of the largest in the wool production branch of the textile industry, rivaled only by the Heinzl factories.

Artur Rubinstein (1896-1982) - famous pianist. He was one of the foremost performers of Chpin´s compositions as well as of Spanish music. Gave concerts all over the world until his death.

Markus Silberstein (1837-1899) - businessman. Owner of many textile factories in Pabianice, Lodz and Zdunska Wola.

Seweryn Sterling (1864-1932) - physician. During several specialist internships in many hospitals in Poland and abroad, he paid particular attention to bacteriology of tuberculosis. Became later the organizer of the fist ward for diseases of the lungs in the Kingdom of Poland and created a medical school ranking with the best of the university clinics.

Arie Sternfeld (1905-1980) - scientist. Born in Sieradz. Living in Lodz, he completed his most important work on the theory of space flight. After 1933 he lived in Moscow.

Marek Szwarc (1895-1958) - painter and sculptor.

Artur Szyk (1984-1951) - artist and illustrator of various books.

Aleksander Tansman (1898-?) - composer. Lived in Paris since 1919 and composed symhonies, operas etc.

Maurycy Trebacz (1861-1941) - painter. Died in the Lodz ghetto.

Julian Tuwim (1894-1953) - poet. He was co-founder of the "Pikador" literary cabaret, and in 1920 he was the co-creator of the "Skamander" poets´circle. During the war he was in exile in many countries and returned to Poland 1946. Winer of many literary awards. Tuwim expressed in his works virulent criticism of middle-class morality and put forward liberal and pacifist ideas. Wrote also many famous poems for children.

Isajasz Uger (1873-1939) - journalist.

Perec Willenberg (1874-1947) - painter. Author of many religious frescos in synagogues.

Adolf Zeligson (1867-1919) - architect. Designer of many outstanding works, including the Poznanski family palace in Gdanska Street.

Lodz Jews
Biographical Dictionary


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