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This site is dedicated to all hobby genealogists who trace their Jewish ancestors to Poland. I present here some specific information and ideas which I hope can help both newcomers and advanced researchers. It all came from my experience while looking for my own family roots. Meanwhile I was also able to help many people worldwide who share the same hobby and are confronted with similar problems.

It's a Wonderful Hobby

Genealogy is a wonderful hobby! You search for family roots, collect old documents, photographs, facts and stories about your beloved relatives. But genealogy is also a science. To rieach your goals you sometimes need some special know-how, foreign languages or specific facts from history and geography of a foreign country. Do not be ashamed when you are unable to proceed any further and contact me for some personal help! All cases are treated individually and confientially. Contact me describing your problem.

How to start ?

The simplest way is to start with yourself. The next step could be to find out personal data about your parents and maybe grandparents. Within a short time you will have information about 3 to 4 generations. State what you know about your family, make some calls to aunts or uncles.
Work regressive that means backwards in the history, always from the known to the unknown. Making a simple family tree you should concentrate on parents and their parents, and their parents; adding all siblings is much more complicated.
Be precise in noting the information and put targets in your work. Collect all important documents, first of all the birth, marriage and death records of your ascenters. If you do not posses them, contact a local archive (they usually charge for the service). Be prepared that some nice facts often told about your family might not be exact and truthful.
Read books about genealogy or - much easier - surf through many specialized websites on the internet. There are many sites for family research online. Some of them I recommend on my Links Page.
Sometimes you come to a point that you cannot make any further progress. Do not hesitate to accept professional assistance.


In commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Lodz Ghetto,
I have prepared some articles as well as selected some recommended books.



Book of the Month

The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944

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"Grajewo Now and Then" (more)


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