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  ... Jewish Ancestors in Poland  

Map of Bełchatów about 1910

Nowy Rynek - South site

Nowy Rynek (New Market) was connected with Stary Rynek by the Ewangelicka Street. lIt functioned sometimes as a market place, especially
for horse selling. Its north side conscisted of one- and two- story brick houses, built after 1900. Behind them there were yards, gardens and
fields. Jewish and Polish families lived there.

House No 2 - One story house which belonged to the Wozniak family. In the yard there was a carpenter workshop.

House No 4 - The highest in Belchatow at those times, three story house belonged to W. Mietkiewicz, owner of the shop at Stary Rynek.
                   Many families lived there.

House No 6 -

House No 8 -

House No 10 -

House No 12 - it was a property of Belchatowski family. Apartmens and rooms with weaving mills were situated there.

House  No 14 - House of J. Kepalski. A post office was situated here in 1930th.

House No 16 -

House No 18 - before 1890 it belonged to Ostrowski, the house was later sold to Mr. Kepalski. A library was situated there.

House No 20 - built 1930 on an empty property. In 2nd floor the family of the physicioan Mr. W. Kowalewski lived there. Downstairs there
                    was a restaurant of F. Pawelczyk. Now - a music school.
                    The first Jewish cemetery was somewhere there, just opposite the Waska Street , before the regular one at Lipowa Street was opened

                    in 19th century.


Below buildings at Nowyy Rynek (now Plac Wolnosci) No 2-6




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