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  ... Jewish Ancestors in Poland  

Map of Bełchatów about 1910

Weaving factory of Frajtag, Kosciuszki Street 10

The factory was built in the late 1890 by Frajtag brothers and since 1910 became the biggest and most modern in town. The factory consisted
of 150 mechanical weaving stools. Most Jewish workers worked there in two shifts, 10 hours each. Cotton semi-fabrics were produced and sold
later for further
aplication for factories in Lodz. Family Frajtag built a apartment house next to the factory (facing Kosciuszki Street). The owner managed to
emigrate to USA before the war. During WWII, Nazis kept the factory going. Even after the war, factory still functioned, using the original
equipment until 1970th. Later a candy-factory was there. After many years of devastation, the building was renovated and turned into a shopping




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